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2018-03-22 » Hackney stabbing: Tyrone Silcott
Victim: Tyrone Silcott
2018-03-19 » Southall stabbing: Balbir Johal
Victim: Balbir Johal
2018-03-18 » Hounslow stabbing: Hersi Hersi
Victim: Hersi Hersi
2018-03-17 » Enfield stabbing: Russell Jones
Victim: Russell Jones
2018-03-14 » Teen stabbed in Chadwell Heath: Lyndon Davis
Victim: Lyndon Davis
2018-03-14 » Walthamstow shooting: Joseph Williams-Torres
Victim: Joseph Williams-Torres
2018-03-10 » Walworth stabbing: Michael Boyle
Victim: Michael Boyle
2018-03-05 » Croydon stabbing: Kelva Smith
Victim: Kelva Smith
2018-03-05 » Twickenham murder: Laura Navarrete
Victim: Laura Navarrete
2018-03-01 » Hammersmith stabbing: Christopher Beaumont
Victim: Christopher Beaumont
2018-02-25 » Greenwich assault: Jozef Boci
Victim: Jozef Boci
2018-02-19 » Southall stabbing: Rotimi Oshibanjo
Victim: Rotimi Oshibanjo
2018-02-18 » Teenager stabbed in Kensington: Lewis Blackman
Victim: Lewis Blackman
2018-02-15 » Death in Chingford: Mark Smith
Victim: Mark Smith
2018-02-14 » Teenager stabbed in Canning Town: Promise Nkenda
Victim: Lord Promise Nkenda
2018-02-13 » Fatal assault in Ilford: Saeeda Hussain
Victim: Saeeda Hussain
2018-02-12 » Cockfosters shooting: Bulent Kabala
Victim: Bulent Kabala
2018-02-11 » Teenager stabbed in Streatham: Sabri Chibani
Victim: Sabri Chibani
2018-02-09 » Found dead in Belsize Park: Hannah Leonard
Victim: Hannah Leonard
2018-02-04 » Peckham stabbing: Juan Olmos Saca
Victim: Juan Olmos Saca
2018-02-03 » Teenager stabbed in Barking: Hasan Ozcan
Victim: Hasan Ozkan
2018-02-03 » Tottenham stabbing: Kwabena Nelson
Victim: Kwabena Nelson
2018-02-01 » The Disappearance of Seyed Khan
Victim: Seyed Khan
2018-01-31 » Murder at HMP Wormwood Scrubs: Khader Saleh
Victim: Khader Saleh
2018-01-28 » Stoke Newington stabbing: Yaya Mbye
Victim: Yaya Mbye
2018-01-11 » Model stabbed to death: Harry Uzoka
Victim: Harry Uzoka
2018-01-10 » Death of teenager in Chislehurst: Oluwadamilola Odeyingbo
Victim: Oluwadamilola Odeyingbo
2018-01-08 » Stoke Newington stabbing: Daniel Frederick
Victim: Daniel Frederick
2018-01-03 » Ilford stabbing: Elizabeta Lacatusu
Victim: Elizabeta Lacatusu
2018-01-01 » New Years Day stabbing: Steve Narvaez-Jara
Victim: Steve Narvaez-Jara
2017-12-31 » West Ham stabbing: Taofeek Lamidi
Victim: Taofeek Lamidi
2017-12-31 » Teenager stabbed in Enfield: Meschak Dos Santos Cornelio
Victim: Meschak Dos Santos Cornelio
2017-12-27 » Finsbury Park Murder: Iuliana Tudos
Victim: Iuliana Tudos
2017-12-22 » Hounslow stabbing: Sukhjit Dhariwal
Victim: Sukhjit Dhariwal
2017-12-20 » Trafalgar Square attack: Desmond O'Beirne
Victim: Desmond O''Beirne
2017-12-16 » Edmonton stabbing: Albertini Jones
Victim: Albertini Jones
2017-12-10 » Perivale stabbing: Patryk Jezmanski
Victim: Patryk Jezmanski
2017-12-07 » Hackney stabbing: Alex Vanderpuye
Victim: Alex Vanderpuye
2017-12-04 » Deptford murders: Noel and Marie Brown
Victim: Noel Brown
2017-12-04 » Deptford murders: Noel and Marie Brown
Victim: Marie Brown
2017-12-01 » Stabbed in East Dulwich: Vincent Douglas
Victim: Unidentified
2017-11-29 » Cafe assault: Mohammed Hersi
Victim: Mohammed Hersi
2017-11-21 » Northolt stabbing: Jason Isaacs
Victim: Jason Isaacs
2017-11-20 » Teenager stabbed in Walthamstow: Kacem Mokrane
Victim: Kacem Mokrane
2017-11-19 » Isle of Dogs assault: Terrence Baker
Victim: Terrence Baker
2017-11-16 » Muswell Hill stabbing: Catherine Burke
Victim: Catherine Burke
2017-11-14 » Hackney stabbing: Kaan Aslan
Victim: Kaan Aslan
2017-11-12 » Ilford Assault: Sandel Serbu
Victim: Sandel Serbu
2017-11-11 » Shot dead in Southall: Khalid Farah
Victim: Khalid Abdi Farah
2017-11-08 » North Woolwich stabbing: Jordan Ajobo
Victim: Adetokunbo Jordan Ajobo
2017-11-04 » Girl strangled in Wimbledon: Sophia Peters
Victim: Sophia Peters
2017-11-02 » Teen stabbed in Penge: Michael Jonas
Victim: Michael Jonas
2017-10-30 » West Kensington stabbing: Julian Aubrey
Victim: Julian Aubrey
2017-10-29 » Teenager stabbed in Croydon: Aren Mali
Victim: Aren Mali
2017-10-17 » Death in West Ham: Titu Miah
Victim: Titu Miah
2017-10-16 » Parsons Green stabbing: Omid Saidy
Victim: Omid Saidy
2017-10-16 » Stabbing in Little Venice: Abdul Samad
Victim: Abdul Samad
2017-10-15 » East Ham stabbing: Moosakhan Nasiri
Victim: Moosakhan Nasiri
2017-10-13 » Hounslow death: Kamil Metler
Victim: Kamil Metler
2017-10-06 » Teenager stabbed in Neasden: Saif Abdul Magid
Victim: Saif Abdul Magid
2017-10-02 » Rainham death: Rodney Parlour
Victim: Rodney Parlour
2017-09-30 » Party stabbing in Bow: Lamar Stewart
Victim: Lamar Stewart
2017-09-24 » West Norwood stabbing: Jude Gayle
Victim: Jude Gayle
2017-09-20 » Body in the garden: Sophie Lionnet
Victim: Sophie Lionnet
2017-09-05 » Teenager shot dead in Forest Gate: Corey Davis
Victim: Corey Junior Davis
2017-09-04 » Hounslow stabbing: Patrick Oyeri
Victim: Patrick Oyeri
2017-09-04 » Camden stabbing: Mohamed Aadam
Victim: Mohamed Aadam
2017-08-25 » Maryland shooting: Abdul Mayanja
Victim: Abdul Mayanja
2017-08-25 » Islington stabbing: Nashon Esbrand
Victim: Nashon Esbrand
2017-08-23 » Enfield shooting: Cafer Aslam
Victim: Cafer Aslam

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