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2019-01-11 » Death in Poplar: Asma Begum
Victim: Asma Begum
2019-01-05 » Isle of Dogs death: Sarah Ashraf
Victim: Sarah Ashraf
2019-01-04 » Rainham death: Simbiso Moula
Victim: Simbiso Aretha Moula
2019-01-01 » Camberwell stabbing: Charlotte Huggins
Victim: Charlotte Huggins
2019-01-01 » Mayfair stabbing: Tudor Simionov
Victim: Tudor Simionov
2018-12-30 » Woman strangled in Poplar
Victim: Unidentified
2018-12-22 » Tottenham stabbing: Wilham Mendes
Victim: William Mendes
2018-12-18 » Edmonton shooting: Richard Odunze-Dim
Victim: Richard Odunze-Dim
2018-12-11 » Eltham stabbing: Jay Sewell
Victim: Jay Sewell
2018-12-08 » Teenager stabbed in Greenwich: Aron Warren
Victim: Aron Warren
2018-12-05 » Barnet buglary death: Maureen Whale
Victim: Maureen Whale
2018-11-24 » Shoreditch stabbing: Zakaria Ali
Victim: Zakaria Bukar Sharif Ali
2018-11-17 » Death of elderly woman in Ealing
Victim: Unidentified
2018-11-17 » Teddington death: Carl Whitehead
Victim: Carl Whitehead
2018-11-16 » Peckham stabbing: Maureen Watkins
Victim: Maureen Watkins
2018-11-12 » Ilford murder: Devi Unmathallegadoo
Victim: Devi Unmathallegadoo
2018-11-12 » Death in Balham: Tanseen Sheikh
Victim: Tanseen Sheikh
2018-11-05 » Teenager stabbed in Tulse Hill: John Ogunjobi
Victim: John Ogunjobi
2018-11-04 » Anerley stabbing: Ayodeji Habeeb Azeez
Victim: Ayodeji Habeeb Azeez
2018-11-02 » Teenager stabbed in Clapham: Malcolm Mide-Madariola
Victim: Malcolm Mide-Madariola
2018-11-01 » Teenager stabbed in Bellingham: Jay Hughes
Victim: Jay Hughes
2018-10-31 » Southwark Park stabbing: Rocky Djelal
Victim: Rocky Djelal
2018-10-26 » Hendon stabbing: Martin Welsh
Victim: Martin Welsh
2018-10-25 » Camden burglary death: Sheiku Adams
Victim: Sheiku Adams
2018-10-22 » Teenager shot dead in Greenwich: Ethan Nedd-Bruce
Victim: Ethan Nedd-Bruce
2018-10-22 » Death in Bow: Nazia Ali
Victim: Nazia Ali
2018-10-17 » Battersea attack: Ian Tomlin
Victim: Ian Tomlin
2018-10-12 » Hainault stabbing: Moses Mayele
Victim: Moses Mayele
2018-10-11 » Shot dead in Hayes: Hashim Abdalla Ali
Victim: Hashim Ali Ahmed
2018-09-27 » Death in Hayes: Sandra Zmijan
Victim: Sandra Zmijan
2018-09-22 » Stamford Hill stabbing: Elyon Poku
Victim: Elyon Poku
2018-09-21 » East Ham death: Kanagusabi Ramathan
Victim: Kanagusabi Ramathan
2018-09-19 » Tufnell Park stabbing: Ali Al Har
Victim: Ali Al Har
2018-09-06 » Greenwich fire death: Memunatu Warne
Victim: Memunatu Warne
2018-09-03 » Tottenham Cemetery shooting: Ismail Tanrikulu
Victim: Ismail Tanrikulu
2018-08-31 » Bromley death: Celia Levitt
Victim: Celia Levitt
2018-08-25 » Deptford stabbing: Shevaun Sorrell
Victim: Shevaun Sorrell
2018-08-24 » Teddington death: Carole Harrison
Victim: Carole Harrison
2018-08-21 » Finsbury Park fire: Kaltoun Saleh
Victim: Kaltoun Saleh
2018-08-18 » Catford stabbing: Leroy Junior Edwards
Victim: Leroy Junior Edwards
2018-08-17 » Chessington death: Eric Michels
Victim: Eric Michels
2018-08-17 » Chingford stabbing: Joseph Cullimore
Victim: Joseph Cullimore
2018-08-17 » Walworth stabbing: Gary Amer
Victim: Gary Amer
2018-08-15 » Battersea stabbing: Simonne Kerr
Victim: Simonne Samantha Kerr
2018-08-07 » Boy killed in house fire: Joel Urhie
Victim: Joel Urhie
2018-08-05 » Kingston stabbing: Malik Chattun
Victim: Malik Chattun
2018-08-02 » Dagenham death: Karen Peter
Victim: Karen Peter
2018-08-01 » Camberwell stabbing: Sidique Kamara
Victim: Sidique Kamara
2018-07-26 » Teenager stabbed in Camberwell: Latwaan Griffiths
Victim: Latwaan Griffiths
2018-07-24 » Herne Hill stabbing: Sheila Thomas
Victim: Sheila Thomas
2018-07-12 » Teenager stabbed in Camberwell: Katrina Makunova
Victim: Katrina Makunova
2018-07-07 » Death in Leytonstone: Janek Brakonecki
Victim: Janek Brakonecki
2018-07-01 » Woolwich death: Shuren Ma
Victim: Shuren Ma
2018-06-27 » Edmonton stabbing: Ishak Tacine
Victim: Ishak Tacine
2018-06-23 » Teen stabbed in Romford: Jordan Douherty
Victim: Jordan Douherty
2018-06-23 » Woman found dead in Greenwich: Gita Suri
Victim: Gita Suri
2018-06-18 » Bermondsey stabbing: Joshua Boadu
Victim: Unidentified
2018-06-14 » Lambeth assault: Mark Tremain
Victim: Mark Tremain
2018-06-12 » Dagenham assault: Gitana Matukeviciene
Victim: Gitana Matukeviciene
2018-06-09 » Turnpike Lane stabbing: Edmond Jonuzi
Victim: Edmond Jonuzi
2018-06-01 » Neasden stabbing: Andra Hilitanu
Victim: Andra Hilitanu
2018-05-30 » Chelsea stabbing: Mark Fontaine
Victim: Mark Fontaine
2018-05-26 » Death at The Heron: Bethany-Maria Beales
Victim: Bethany-Maria Beales
2018-05-25 » Fatal assault in Holloway: Molly Frank
Victim: Molly Frank
2018-05-21 » Kennington stabbing: Gerry Gaffney
Victim: Gerry Gaffney
2018-05-21 » Islington stabbing: Marcel Campbell
Victim: Marcel Campbell
2018-05-20 » Killed by her estranged husband: Sophie Cavanagh
Victim: Sophie Cavanagh
2018-05-20 » Mitcham stabbing: Arunesh Thangarajah
Victim: Arunesh Thangarajah
2018-05-18 » Ruislip stabbing: Osman Shidane
Victim: Osman Shidane
2018-05-17 » Barking stabbing: Abdulrahman Juma
Victim: Abdulrahman Juma
2018-05-15 » Romford murder: Rosina Coleman
Victim: Rosina Coleman
2018-05-13 » Strangled by her son: Onees Khatoon
Victim: Onees Khatoon
2018-05-05 » Teenager shot in Kennington: Rhyhiem Barton
Victim: Rhyhiem Barton

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