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2017-08-11 » Golders Green deaths: Leah and Hannah Cohen
Victim: Hannah Cohen
2017-08-08 » Teen stabbed in Peckham: Daniel Namanga
Victim: Daniel Namanga
2017-08-02 » Westminster assault: Unidentified
Victim: Unidentified
2017-08-02 » Teenager stabbed in Barking: Joshua Bwalya
Victim: Joshua Bwalya
2017-07-21 » Hammer attack: Florina Pastina
Victim: Florina Pastina
2017-07-19 » Death in Kingston: Celine Dookhran
Victim: Celine Dookhran
2017-07-15 » Rolex robbery in Greenwich: Danny Pearce
Victim: Danny Pearce
2017-07-11 » Harold Hill stabbing: Liam Harman
Victim: Liam Harman
2017-07-10 » Upminster death: Vera Savage
Victim: Vera Savage
2017-06-29 » Stabbed at a warehouse party: Mahad Ali
Victim: Mahad Ali
2017-06-26 » Islington stabbing: Lee Hatley
Victim: Lee Hatley
2017-06-26 » East Ham stabbing: Alfred Purcell
Victim: Alfred Purcell
2017-06-26 » Canning Town stabbing: Pietro Sanna
Victim: Pietro Sanna
2017-06-19 » Finsbury Park terror attack: Makram Ali
Victim: Makram Ali
2017-06-19 » Catford stabbing: Mohamed Savare
Victim: Mohamed Savare
2017-06-13 » Charlton stabbing: Adam Chambers
Victim: Adam Chambers
2017-06-09 » Croydon shooting: Tinodiwanashe Makwanya
Victim: Tinodiwanashe Makwanya
2017-06-06 » Teenager stabbed in Tottenham: Osman Sharif
Victim: Osman Sharif
2017-06-06 » Kingston stabbing: Derick Mulondo
Victim: Derick Mulondo
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: Xavier Thomas
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: Ignacio Echeverria
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: Kirsty Boden
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: Christine Archibald
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: Sara Zelenak
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: Sebastien Belanger
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: Alexandre Pigeard
2017-06-03 » Terror attack at London Bridge
Victim: James McMullan
2017-06-02 » Teenager stabbed in Peckham: Abdirahman Mohamed
Victim: Abdirahman Mohamed
2017-06-01 » Hit by a car: Seyyed Mir-Feyzi
Victim: Seyyed Mir-Feyzi
2017-05-29 » Death in Ilford: Unidentified
Victim: Unidentified
2017-05-29 » Kilburn stabbing: Romina Kalachi
Victim: Romina Kalachi
2017-05-26 » Kilburn shooting: Mohanna Abdhou
Victim: Mohanna Abdhou
2017-05-25 » West Norwood stabbing: Emma Day
Victim: Emma Day
2017-05-23 » Baseball bat attack: Satnam Singh
Victim: Satnam Singh
2017-05-18 » Romford stabbing: Hosam Eisa
Victim: Hosam Eisa
2017-05-13 » Shot dead in Bow: Brenton Roper
Victim: Brenton Roper
2017-05-13 » Teenager stabbed in Enfield: Joao Ricardo Gomes
Victim: Joao Ricardo Gomes
2017-05-07 » Teenager stabbed in Walthamstow: Elijah Dornelly
Victim: Elijah Dornelly
2017-05-06 » Limehouse stabbing: Karolina Chwiluk
Victim: Karolina Chwiluk
2017-05-06 » Uxbridge stabbing: Kyle Bowen
Victim: Kyle Bowen
2017-05-05 » Barbershop stabbing in Harlesden: Crispin Siddon
Victim: Crispin Siddon
2017-05-02 » Southgate stabbing: Seun McMillan
Victim: Seun McMillan
2017-04-28 » Stabbing in Peckham Rye: Bilal Kargbo
Victim: Bilal Kargbo
2017-04-28 » Bus stabbing: Archie Sheppard
Victim: Archie Sheppard
2017-04-27 » Bow stabbing: Keith Sinclair
Victim: Keith Sinclair
2017-04-25 » Wandsworth stabbing: Abdullah Hammia
Victim: Abdullah Hammia
2017-04-23 » Teenager stabbed in Battersea: Mahamed Hassan
Victim: Mahamed Hassan
2017-04-22 » Enfield stabbing: Damien McLaughlin
Victim: Damien McLaughlin
2017-04-19 » Teenager stabbed in Blackheath: Jordan Wright
Victim: Jordan Wright
2017-04-11 » Teenager stabbed in Northolt: Abdullahi Tarabi
Victim: Abdullahi Tarabi
2017-04-11 » Mile End stabbing: Syed Jamanoor Islam
Victim: Syed Jamanoor Islam
2017-04-10 » Plumstead stabbing: Rene Richardson
Victim: Rene Richardson
2017-04-07 » Teenager shot dead: Karim Samms
Victim: Karim Samms
2017-04-06 » Westminster Terror Attack
Victim: Andreea Cristea
2017-04-03 » Death in Bow: Joseph Davis
Victim: Joseph Davis
2017-04-03 » Thornton Heath stabbing: Bjorn Brown
Victim: Bjorn Brown
2017-04-02 » Canning Town stabbing: Ahmed Deen-Jah
Victim: Ahmed Deen-Jah
2017-03-28 » Southall stabbing: Augustus Fenton
Victim: Augustus Fenton
2017-03-28 » Battersea stabbing: Malachi Brooks
Victim: Malachi Brooks
2017-03-23 » Westminster Terror Attack
Victim: Leslie Rhodes
2017-03-22 » Westminster Terror Attack
Victim: Keith Palmer
2017-03-22 » Westminster Terror Attack
Victim: Kurt Cochran
2017-03-22 » Westminster Terror Attack
Victim: Aysha Frade
2017-03-21 » Teenager shot dead in Ilford: Abdifatah Sheikhey
Victim: Abdifatah Sheikhey
2017-03-19 » Teenager shot in Barking: David Adegbite
Victim: David Adegbite
2017-03-18 » Baby death in Finsbury Park: Gabriel Das
Victim: Gabriel Das
2017-03-13 » Upper Norwood stabbing: Sabrina Mullings
Victim: Sabrina Mullings
2017-03-01 » Islington stabbing: Jonathan McPhillips
Victim: Jonathan McPhillips
2017-02-28 » Death on the allotments: Lea Adri-Soejoko
Victim: Lea Adri-Soejoko
2017-02-28 » Wealdstone stabbing: Mohamed Al-Zufairi
Victim: Mohamed Al-Zufairi
2017-02-24 » Mottingham stabbing: Dean Pascale-Modeste
Victim: Dean Pascale-Modeste
2017-02-17 » Brent Cross stabbing: Joseph Olopo
Victim: Joseph Olopo
2017-02-15 » Stabbing in Wood Green: Omer Raza
Victim: Omer Raza

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