Case: Murder Raps: Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson
Case unsolved
Status: Unsolved
Categories: Gang
Case synopsis:

Jason Johnson, 24, was shot in the back in an alleyway in west London on November 21, 2008.

The father-of-one was pronounced dead at the scene in Cavendish Avenue, West Ealing, at around 8.50pm.

Six men were charged with murder in February 2009 but the prosecution were forced to drop the case because of flawed witness evidence.

Mr Johnson, of Cheyne Path, Acton, is thought to have been killed by members of a notorious west London gang.

His family stress he was not himself involved in gangs. They believe he made the mistake of getting involved in somebody else's argument and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Two rappers were later jailed for posting a music video on Youtube threatening to gun down witnesses to the killing.

Ishmael McLean, 22, and Rowan Simon, 18, wrote and performed the track after they were arrested on suspicion of murder.

The video, which has since been removed by police, was titled 'The Wrong Team' and featured lyrics threatening death to 'snitches'.

McLean and Simon are both associated with the 'MDP' whose initials are said to stand for Money Drugs Power, Murder Dem Police, Murder Dem Pussies or Make Dreams Possible.

MDP members, who wear blue scarves, have been convicted and jailed for the murders of 22 year-old university student Yasin Abdirahman in September 2007 and 16 year-old Kodjo Yenga in March 2007.

In the first verse of the song, Simon raps: 'I got couple man bitchin' on me, talkin' bout they roll me over and I know they're snitching on me, talkin bout the holy chrome and how they're gonna lick it at me.

'But I know these cokeheads won't they're in the station chitter chatting.

'Me I just give the strap (gun) lovin' and I make it bust. Line them up in public like they're waiting for a bus. Two things I only show my brothers, is love and trust.

'Cos I can see the snakes hiding in the f***ing grass and for a month now the spotlight's been on us. I move cautious, I know Trident's watching us and that's why they got three of my brothers locked.

'Words can't describe how much hate I got for these pr**** and this a custom now I'm used to holding sticks.'

McLean then raps: 'Yo Rowz let me tell you summin, them cokehead pussies ain't touchin' nothin, f*** em I'm a touch the button.

'Mention my name, I'll aim and squeeze off, you young niggaz put them in their place make them breeze off. All my enemies learn quick then ease off.

'I couldn't give a f*** if they were strapped I'll beat off mine, Glock nine, plus ten and a bag of shells. If... tellin tales she gets blessed as well.

'Our name might be on front page for a second time. Now she's a victim of a crime; homicide... gets it in his face close his eyes, shoot him make my niggaz do him.

'My niggaz call me up for a problem of shooting. Clap mine with the intention to loose him.'


A memorial to Jason has been set up at

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