Case: Wife strangled in Northwood: Shivani Kapoor
Shivani Kapoor
Manas Kapoor
Status: Solved
Categories: Domestic
Case synopsis:

Mother-of-one Shivani Kapoor, 35, was found strangled at her home in Northwood, west London, on 10 July 2013.

Her husband Manas Kapoor called paramedics to the flat in Kewferry Drive at around 1.17pm.

Mrs Kapoor, who worked as a paediatric occupational therapist at Northwick Park Hospital, died two days later.

A postmortem gave the cause of death as compression of the neck.

The couple's daughter Vania was 18 months old at the time of Mrs Kapoor's death.

On 14 July police charged Mrs Kapoor's husband Manas Kapoor, 34 [6/10/78], of Kewferry Drive, Northwood, with murder.

Manas Kapoor went on trial at Wood Green Crown Court on 8 January 2014. The prosecution claimed that Kapoor strangled his wife on the day he was due to attend a disciplinary hearing after costing employers at Morgan Stanley millions of pounds through an accounting error.

Kapoor told police he thought his wife might have fainted and fallen off a stool while he was in the bath but paramedics noticed a red mark around her neck, jurors heard. Kapoor also had scratches on the right side of his face, which he claimed were from his daughter.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson said: "By coincidence she fell on the day that the defendant was due to attend an important meeting at work to address his future at Morgan Stanley, where he had worked for five to six years, and was in difficulties both because he had been on long term sick from the previous January and because of a serious accounting error for which he was being held responsible.

"There was a real risk he was about to lose his job and this impending disaster had been causing him considerable stress and anxiety.

"By his own admission he was in debt to the sum of £8,000 as a result of his gambling and these debts had been a source of discord between himself and his wife.

"And in the days preceding her death Shivani had been complaining to friends and family about the defendant’s debts and that items of jewellery and money had been going missing.

"In short, the circumstances were ripe for the defendant to have lashed out in temper and to have compressed his wife’s neck, causing her death. Such timing, when put together with the pathological findings, point to Shivani’s death being murder."

On 23 January 2013 the jury convicted Kapoor of murder. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 16 years before parole.

Manas KapoorShivani Kapoor

Manas Kapoor and his wife Shivani Kapoor

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Simon Pickford, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: "Manas Kapoor was under a great deal of pressure, both at work and home. He was a compulsive gambler who was heavily in debt. On the day in question he was due to attend a disciplinary meeting with his employers and genuinely feared he was about to lose his job.

"He admitted in police interview that he found it difficult to deal with stress and the jury, today, have agreed with the prosecution account that he killed his wife, strangling her in a fit of rage when the many stresses came to a head.

"Our thoughts are with Shivani's family and her 18-month-old child, who have lost a loving daughter and mother."

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