Case: Son murdered his mother for her council house
Khyrun Nessa
Nasir Uddin
Status: Solved
Categories: Domestic
Case synopsis:

Nasir Uddin stabbed his elderly mother Khyrun Nessa to death so he could take over her council house.

He attacked the 70-year-old victim in the flat in East London after she turned down his offer of £950 to move out and return to Bangladesh

Mrs Nessa, who was recovering from cancer treatment, was found dead by family members hours after the attack on August 12, 2008.

The Old Bailey heard Uddin – 31 at the time of the murder – and his mother had lived together at the house in Byng Street, Poplar, under a joint tenancy.

Tension had grown between Uddin and his mother because she did not get on with his wife Amina Khatun, known as ''Daisy''.

Mrs Nessa did not want to leave the because it had been specially adapted for her disability and she was recovering from treatment for ovarian cancer.

She also did not want to go to Bangladesh because it was too hot at that time of year.

At a family meeting a week before the murder it was decided that she should stay - causing Uddin to move out his family in protest.

Gias Uddin, Nasir''s uncle, later told his nephew’s trial: ''He said he was not able to stay any longer in the house because his wife was not getting along with his mother.

''He wanted his mother to leave the house and he wanted the flat for himself.

''But his mother''s position was ''''this is my flat, I''m not prepared to leave.''''''

Uddin and his family stayed at the home of his brother-in-law but his wife threatened to leave if they did not get their own house.

In a letter to the local council housing office, the killer wrote: ‘Ever since I started my own family, life in this house has been nothing but hell for me, my wife and my children.

''There have been continual rows between my wife and my mother.

The situation is having a negative effect on my personal life to such an extent that my wife is considering leaving with my children.

''Our situation now is quite desperate. Going back is not an option.''

On August 12, 2008, Uddin visited the house with nearly £1,000 to try and persuade his mother to leave.

But when he arrived, his older brother Abdul was inside, and he rang 999 complaining he was not being allowed in his own home.

An hour later at 7.31pm he cancelled the call, telling the operator he was now inside.

Mrs Nessa is last known to have been alive at 7.22pm when she ended a call to her sister by saying there was somebody at the door.

She added: ''It''s probably Nasir - I''ll go and let him in.''

She did not answer her phone when her sister rang at 8.17pm.

Uddin was next seen on CCTV carrying a rucksack - which has since disappeared - to his uncle''s home at around 8.20pm.

By 10pm members of Mrs Nessa’s family were worried and went round to the house to check on her.

There was no answer at the front door but when they looked through the letterbox her body could be seen lying at the bottom of the staircase.

Mrs Nessa had died of massive internal bleeding from a fatal wound to the back which severed the major blood vessel to the heart.

There were three stab wounds to the front of the chest including one which passed straight through the breastbone.

She had also been stabbed twice in the back and once on each hand, described as ''classic defence injuries.''

Prosecutor Jeremy Donne QC, said: ''It is the prosecution case that the defendant returned to his mother''s house after his brother had left and tried yet again to persuade her to leave, offering her a large sum of money.

''He failed and having failed, in a fit of temper and frustration he took up a knife and killed her before leaving the house and setting about fabricating an alibi.''

Following the discovery of Mrs Nessa''s dead body, Uddin was told over the phone that his mother had passed away.

He replied: ''What do you mean mum''s passed away? Maybe she''s fallen down the stairs.''

He then started crying and claimed he had been with her earlier when he gave her £950.

No murder weapon was ever found by police and no blood was found on his clothing.

Uddin first stood trial in June 2009, but the jury were unable to reach a verdict.

Before the retrial, police were able to track down a witness to disprove his alibi, and he was unanimously convicted of murder.
Judge Giles Forrester jailed him for life with a minimum of 22 years, and said: ''This was a horrific attack, a brutal and shocking murder.

''It was brutal because you stabbed your victim five times, twice in the back and three times in the front. There is no doubt you intended at that moment to kill her.

''It is shocking because your victim was your mother, an elderly, slight and frail woman who had recently undergone an operation for cancer.

''You killed her in her own home, a place in which she was entitled to feel secure. You were her youngest son and I simply cannot imagine a greater breach of trust for a son to murder his mother in these circumstances.''

The judge accepted that Uddin was caught ''in the middle between two women who did not get on'' and had been his mother''s primary carer for ten years.

But he added: ''There are many families who have these and similar problems and manage to make the best of things in difficult circumstances. You turned against your mother and in the heat of the moment you did this terrible thing to her.

''This case has demonstrated you are devious, callous and dishonest. You have shown no remorse throughout these proceedings.

''For this wicked and cruel murder the sentence is life imprisonment. You acted in this way in pursuance of your own selfish wish to have your mother out of your house.’

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