Case: Barbershop Revenge: Wayne Freckleton
Wayne Freckleton
Femi Forde
Richard Osborne
Status: Solved
Categories: Gang
Case synopsis:

Drug dealer Wayne Freckleton was gunned down in a West London barber’s shop in revenge for an unsolved double murder committed seven years earlier.

Customers dived for cover as masked killers Femi Forde, 24, and Richard Osborne, 27, burst through the door and shot the victim in the head.

The execution was ordered in revenge for the fatal shootings of Mohamed Korneh and Selorn Gbesemete, both 21, at the Tudor Rose nightclub in Southall, w London, in December 2002.

Wayne FreckletonFreckleton (pictured right), known as ‘Brands’ or ‘Badger’ was named as a suspect and faced possible charges in respect of the murders at the time of his death.

He had also previously been accused of shooting dead a third man, Troy Robinson, 19, and injuring two others in Willesden in June 2005.

Charges against him of conspiracy to murder and two counts of attempted murder were dropped in 2006 due to lack of evidence.

At around 1.30pm on April 25, 2008, Freckleton was at Ike's barber shop Acton Lane, Harlesden, waiting for his cousin to have his hair cut.

Forde and Osborne arrived at the shop in a Toyota Yaris driven by drug dealer Aaron Bernard, who had been told he was driving them there to collect some money.

He made the drop off and waited for his two friends in a side street before driving them from the scene.

Bernard later was arrested and charged with murder after his car was identified from CCTV.

But he agreed to give evidence against his friends if charges were dropped.

He instead admitted two counts of assisting an offender and owned up to his all previous criminality, including supplying drugs, robbery, burglary, theft, assault and possession of offensive weapons.

Bernard told the trial of the two gunmen at the Old Bailey that he had met Forde a few days after the shooting and asked him to explain himself.

'I said to him "You lot take the p*ss. How can you do that to me?"

‘He said he only phoned me because he couldn't get anybody else to drive.

'He said when he heard Brands [Freckleton] was at Ike's he didn't want to miss his chance.

'When he got there he saw Brands in the middle of the shop. He said Richie [Osborne] fired the first shot but missed and his gun stuck.

'He [Forde] said he then fired two shots. He saw one hit Brands in the head and he ran.'

Freckleton was pronounced dead at hospital after a bullet from Forde’s revolver lodged in his brain.

During the post mortem examination, the pathologist found a number of clingfilm wraps containing crack cocaine and heroin secreted on his person.

The two killers fled the scene and were driven to Birmingham.

Bernard returned them to London several days later, and then took Osborne to Essex, before all three were arrested.

Prosecutor John McGuinness QC told the court: ‘Mr Freckleton's death resulted out of a gang rivalry in this part of London.’

He said it was 'widely believed' that Freckleton had something to do with the murders of Mr Korneh and Mr Gbesemete.

'Had it not been for the fact Wayne Freckleton was murdered Freckleton would have been arrested in respect of the 2002 murders, he said.

Shakah Anderson, 28, was cleared of the murders of Mr Korneh and Mr Gbesemete after an Old Bailey trial in May, 2009.

Forde (below left) and Osborne (below right) were both found guilty of murder and handed life sentences.

Femi FordeRichard OsborneSentencing Forde to a minimum of 30 years in prison, the Recorder of London, Peter Beaumont, QC, said: 'You have played very high stakes in this trial and you have lost, now you have got to pay the price.

'You took a man's life by shooting him quite deliberately having sought him out when the news reached you he was in London, for that there is only one sentence I can pass and that is life imprisonment.'

In a victim impact statement, Freckleton's mother Alison said: ‘I know Wayne was no angel but nobody deserves to die like that.’

She said the families of the murderers should 'remember her loss' every time they went to visit them in prison.

‘Too many mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are left mourning and crying at the loss of their loved ones,’ she added.

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