Case: Teenager stabbed in Marylebone: Bilal Mirza
Bilal Mirza
Omar Majeed
Status: Solved
Categories: Teenage Victim, Robbery
Case synopsis:

Eighteen year-old Bilal Mirza was stabbed to death during a fight with one of his friends.

Police were called to the scene in Salisbury Street, Marylebone, at around 10.40am on 8 January 2014.

Bilal, of North Kensington, was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead at 11.24pm. A postmortem gave the cause of death as blood loss from a stab wound to the right thigh.

Detectives arrested 16 year-old Omar Majeed after he attended a police station at 3am on 9 January. He was charged with murder the following day.

Majeed, from Marylebone, was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter on 16 July 2015 following a trial at Isleworth Crown Court. He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment on 18 September 2015.

Jurors heard Bilal Mirza and Majeed had been good friends. Witnesses saw the pair arguing, with Bilal grabbing Majeed's shirt shortly before Majeed lunged at Bilal and stabbed him in the leg with a kitchen knife.

Majeed told the court that he had learned Bilal planned to rob him of money and his iPhone and was trying to avoid him before the confrontation.

He claimed he acted in self defence and that the knife used to inflict the fatal injury was brought to the scene by Bilal.

Judge Aiden Marron QC said: "You were a friend, a good friend, of your victim Bilal. You and Bilal were also friends with the vast majority of the group who were together at the time of this awful tragedy.

"You learned that Bilal had lost some money and you heard that he intended to rob you and I have no doubt, that knowing that, and following advice from a friend, you went to meet Bilal.

"It transpired in the course of the evidence during trial that you left all of your money at home.

"That can only have one explanation: no-one was going to take any money from you.

"You armed yourself with a large domestic knife and you went to the location where you knew you might find Bilal.

"Sadly, you found him, and you and he went across the road away from your mutual friends.

"Your response [to the physical confrontation with Bilal Mirza] was to calmly take out the knife and stab Bilal - just once, but it was a rather deep wound.

"No-one in the court will ever forget observing the CCTV when Bilal ran away limping down the road.

"What you did was not in any way self-defence. It was not because you were scared. You decided to teach him a lesson because he had the temerity to rob you."

Detective Sergeant Michael Hamlet from the Homicide and Major Crime command, said: "This case demonstrates the utterly devastating effects that knives can have on London communities.

"Bilal, a much-loved son, grandson and brother, had his life tragically cut short."

Omar Majeed

Killer Omar Majeed (grey shirt) and victim Bilal Mirza

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