Case: Date with a sadistic killer: Peter Fasoli
Peter Fasoli
Jason Marshall
Status: Solved
Categories: Sexual
Case synopsis:

The death of 58 year-old Peter Fasoli at the hands of an aspiring serial killer was at first treated as an accident.

Firefighters were called to a blaze at the home of Mr Fasoli, a computer repairman, in Rubens Road in Northolt at 1am on 7 January 2013.

Mr Fasoli was rescued the bungalow but died the same day and a pathologist found no evidence of third party involvement.

An investigation by the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police concluded the fire was accidental with the most likely cause a faulty light bulb.

On 16 August 2013 an inquest at West London Coroner's Court returned a verdict of accidental death.

But in the autumn of 2014 Mr Fasoli's nephew looked at the hard drive of his uncle's computer in the hope of finding research into the family tree.

He discovered a series of videos featuring his uncle having sex with other men, including a seven hour film of the encounter which led to his death.

The film showed a man arriving at Mr Fasoli's home wearing generic police accessories he had bought on the internet.

They chatted before engaging in consensual role playing based on a fake 'interrogation' of a terror suspect by an MI5 agent. The killer handcuffed Mr Fasoli behind his back and tied his ankles before forcing him to reveal his bank account PIN by torturing him with a knife and a lit cigarette.

The killer then repeatedly attempted to smother Mr Fasoli, first by using his hands, then by wrapping cling film around his face and putting a plastic bag over his head.

Mr Fasoli was pulled off the bed and out of the view of the webcam during the attack but was recorded fighting for his life and shouting at the killer, who ignored the victim's increasing distress.

After the victim fell silent, the killer then left him lying on the floor and calmly smoked a cigarette before gathering his belongings. The webcam video feed then cuts out but audio recording captured sounds of a liquid being splashed around and a lighter being flicked.

The killer then left the flat before the smoke alarm went off.

A murder investigation was launched on 10 November after the footage was passed to the Metropolitan Police by West Yorkshire Police.

Detectives identified the suspect as Jason Marshall and discovered he was in prison in Italy, having been convicted and jailed for 16 years for the murder and attempted murder of two men in Rome in similar circumstances in the weeks after he fled the UK on an EasyJet flight on 11 January 2013.

On 15 February 2017 Marshall, 28, was arrested at Heathrow Airport after being returned to the UK from Italy on a European Arrest Warrant and charged with murder.

Killer Jason Marshall and victim Peter Fasoli

He went on trial at the Old Bailey on 31 July 2017. The prosecution claimed Marshall was a fantasist who invented a personality to trick his way into the home of Mr Fasoli on 6 January 2013.

Marshall had claimed he worked for the Ministry of Defence and offered to arrange a threesome with a 17 year-old man he met in a gay sauna.

Prosecutor Ed Brown, QC, said: ‘Peter Fasoli was killed intentionally. He had been subjected to a calculated and determined attack, by this defendant whom he invited into his home.

‘In the end he literally fought for his life but by the time Mr Fasoli fully understood the true motives of the person who had tricked his way into his home, it was too late.

‘Desperate as his attempts were he could do nothing - as you will all too graphically come to understand.

‘The fire was set by this defendant in an attempt to disguise what truly had happened - and the defendant Jason Marshall very nearly succeeded in escaping justice.’

The court heard Marshall also tried to cover his tracks after leaving the flat by sending a message to Mr Fasoli using the dating site to apologise for not turning up. He then used Mr Fasoli's bank card to withdraw hundreds of pounds. Before fleeing to Italy Marshall also sent further messages accusing the victim of 'ignoring' him.

During the trial Marshall claimed he had no memory of the attacks due to his consumption of alcohol and anti-psychotic drugs.

On 9 August 2017 Marshall was convicted of murder and arson. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on 26 September with a minimum of 39 years before parole.

The scene of the fire at Rubens Road

The Recorder of London, judge Nicholas Hilliard QC, told Marshall: 'You realised he was weak, naive and gullible: in short, no match for you.

'I'm sure that you were motivated by a desire to cause Mr Fasoli pain without his consent, which would be a significantly greater source of pleasure or gratification to you than is ordinarily the case for those who enjoy inflicting violence.

'You tortured him for so long because you enjoyed it so much.

'It wasn't necessary to go to the lengths you did if your only purpose was to kill him.

'The dominant elements of your motivation in killing Mr Fasoli were robbery and sadism.'

Detective Inspector James Stevenson, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: "We are pleased that today's verdict has brought Marshall to account for the brutal killing of Peter.

"This was a cold blooded attack, during which Marshall cynically gained the trust of a vulnerable older man to get entry into his home, then subjected him to a horrific and prolonged ordeal and ruthlessly ignoring Peter's cries for help knowing he was fighting to stay alive. Marshall then did everything he could to evade being brought to justice.

"We would like to thank Peter's family for the determination and strength they have shown in assisting us throughout this complex and challenging investigation." 

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