Case: Young Russian found dead: Anastasia Voykina
Anastasia Voykina
Filip Silva Lopes
Status: Solved
Categories: Domestic, Mental Illness
Case synopsis:

Anastasia Voykina, 23, was found dead at a maisonette in Streatham, south London, on 7 January, 2013.

Police attended the flat at 2 James Boswell Close at 2am after a missing persons report was filed by the Russian woman's friends.

She had last made contact with her family on 29 December 2012.

A postmortem examination gave the cause of death as multiple fractures to the face, head and neck caused by blunt trauma.

Detectives issued a CCTV image of her Portuguese boyfriend Felipe Lopes, 27, who was last seen in Piccadilly on 5 January.

Lopes (also known as Filip Silva Lopes) was arrested on suspicion of murder in the Farnborough area of Bromley at 2.30am on January 9. Two days later Lopes [19/9/85], of James Boswell Close, was charged with murder.

On the first day of his trial, 18 November 2013, Lopes pleaded guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility. The prosecution accepted the plea after receiving psychiatric reports confirming he was suffering an abnormality of mind at the time of the killing.

Lopes had a history of violence towards his ex-girlfriends and was known to mental health services. He was released from prison on 12 December 2012 after serving a 12-week sentence for breaching a restraining order in relation to an ex-partner.

He was supposed to to see his mental health team every day. They lost touch with him over the Christmas period and it is believed he launched his attack on the night of 29/30 December.

Miss Voykina suffered 60 injuries caused by blunt trauma, mainly to her face, head and neck. Some of the injuries were inflicted with a hockey stick.

She was also sexually assaulted during the attack and lacy material was found wrapped around her neck along with a pair of leopard print pyjama bottoms.

Prosecutor Zoe Johnson said: 'The evidence suggests that Anastasia lost her life because she was idealistic. She believed she could help him.

'She clearly loved him and tried to change him and sadly that cost her her life. Her friends said she was a lovely person but a bit naive.

The prosecutor said the evidence suggested Anastasia was attacked in the bedroom, possibly while she was asleep.

She added: 'Her body was dragged into the bathroom and she was lifted into the bath and left there bleeding for enough time to leave a pool of blood in the bath.

'She was dragged into the lounge and left.'

Following his arrest Lopes told police he heard voices telling him to kill Miss Voykina. He was later diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder.

On 23 December 2013 Lopes was jailed for life with a minimum of seven years and three months. The judge Richard Marks also made an order under Section 45a of the Mental Health Act so that Lopes was detained in hospital until he is well enough to go to prison.

Felipe Lopes

Killer Felipe Lopes and victim Anastasia Voykina

Judge Marks said: 'The ferocity of your sustained attack on your defenceless and naked victim, who was in bed at the time the attack started, is as shocking as it is abhorrent.

'You are a large man and she was 5ft 2in and seven stone in weight.

'You bear a significant responsibility for what you did in particular having regard to the fact you ceased taking your medication, knowing what effect that would have on you.

'Given the ferocity of this killing and your history, in particular non-compliance to medication and use of drugs in the community which adds to your dangerousness, I have no doubt that my primary consideration is the protection of the public.

'This is best alleviated by my imposing an order under Section 45a coupled with an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment with a discretionary life sentence.'

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