Half-Year Review 2013

Looking back at the first six months of the year we have counted at least 44 homicides in London.*

This means that we are on track for even fewer cases than last year’s total of 99 (which was in itself the lowest on record since the early 1970s).

However, it should be pointed out that there are often wild variations in different parts of the year. There have been four potential homicides in July so far (two confirmed).

A few more stats:

  • 33 men, 11 women (75 per cent men)
  • 7 teenage victims (all male, 16 per cent)
  • 19 victims of knife attacks (43 per cent)
  • 5 shootings (11 per cent)
  • 27 north of the river, 17 south of the river

The cases include those of high public interest such as the attack on Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich, but also those that have received no attention whatsoever such as Gilbert Barber in Harley Street, central London.

*We say ‘at least’ because there are several cases that may yet be classified as murder or manslaughter, or cases that we are not yet aware of for whatever reason. Some only become public knowledge when a suspect is charged, for example, while others (including the case of Christie McHugh) are still under investigation. In addition two cases have been removed after detectives decided they were not homicides (Dean Reddy / Alessandro Bussandri)

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