Half Year Review

Half-way through 2012 the total number of homicides – according to our own figures – stands at 42.

This is well down on the total of for the same period last year and suggests that we might be heading for less than 100 over the full year, compared to 115 in 2011.

Having said that, June was a busy month for the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, with 12 new cases, the highest monthly total so far this year.

The breakdown of the months goes like this:

We should stress that these are our figures and not the official statistics, as the Metropolitan Police uses a different system for recording cases by date. (See the Met’s latest crime figures up to May 2012)

For example, the Met’s figures would include the case of Lihau Cao, who went missing in 2006. It was only in May this year that it was upgraded to a murder investigation. On the other hand, they would not include the case of Nicholas Henry, whose death was investigated by the City of London police.

There are also several ‘suspicious death’ cases that may or may not become homicides: Chrissie Azzopardi was found dead at her home in Finsbury Park on June 4, and Naomi Asante and her husband were found dead at their home in Tottenham on May 21.

To see the homicide cases that make up the numbers, check out our ‘investigate’ page

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