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The original murdermap was set up in 2010. By the time it was forced to close in March 2018 the map contained more than 1,600 cases of murder and manslaughter in London.

Most were between 2008 and 2018, but there were also some notorious cases dating back to the Ratcliffe Highway Murders of 1811.

There are several possible options for restoring the map, depending on the application used (e.g. Google Maps, Leaflet, Yandex, Power BI). However a custom-made case database linked to a map (I.e. an improved version of the original murdermap website) would probably cost up to £20k to set up.

For now, the site features a limited map of London homicides in 2019.

Possible updates include:

  1. A map of notorious murder cases (19th Century to c1980s)
  2. A historical murdermap (as above, but including all known cases)
  3. A modern murdermap dating back to 2003 (using a list of cases released by the police)

Any of these options would involve not only investment in technological solutions but also in time and resources spent developing the database. This is not an easy task, given that there are (and were) more than 100 homicides in London every year, even in the 19th Century.

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