Fund Reporting of a Murder Trial

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We want to fully report a murder trial from start to finish to give the public a better idea of what happens in court and hopefully provide context to any news reports of the case.

It will not be a verbatim transcript – that would take too long to read, let alone write up – but it will be an in depth report of what happened with the most important parts quoted as accurately as possible.

Most murder trials last between two to three weeks. Sending a reporter to cover one trial all day would potentially cost (depending on the reporter or their employer) between £80 and £200 per day.

If the target of £950 is met, we will commit to providing daily coverage of a two-to-three week murder trial* on the blog and a summary of the entire case upon its conclusion. If possible, the case chosen will be one that would otherwise receive very little coverage at all.

All donors will receive a daily report of the trial and a long-read summary at the end of the case (following conviction). We will also give priority to suggestions and ideas from donors on how best to cover the trial.

*subject to legal restrictions such as the Contempt of Court Act and the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act, for example. Explanation of the effect of these will, if possible, be provided in full in the final summary.


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