Ten Rillington Place: The Home of John Reginald Christie

Number 10 Rillington Place no longer exists on the map but it was once the most notorious address in London. It was at this terraced house in Notting Hill that John Reginald Christie killed at least six women including his wife Ethel between 1943 and 1953. He is also thought to have been responsible for […]

The Serial Killer Next Door: Dennis Nilsen

In February 1983 a tenant at 23 Cranley Gardens in Muswell Hill complained that the toilets were blocked and the Dyno-rod company was called in to investigate. What they discovered in the drains would lead to the arrest of one of Britain’s most prolific serial killers. Dennis Nilsen, a 37 year-old civil servant living in […]

The murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher

Yvonne Fletcher, a 25 year-old officer with the Metropolitan Police, was shot outside the Libyan Embassy on 17 April 1984. She had been monitoring a protest by opponents of Muammar Gaddafi in St James’ Square when a burst of automatic gunfire rang out at around 10.17am. Ten protestors were injured and WPC Fletcher was wounded […]

Lord Lucan: A Killer at Large?

The disappearance of Lord Lucan is one of the most intriguing mysteries in modern British history. Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, was 40 when he fled justice after the murder of his children’s nanny Sandra Rivett on November 8 1974. He has never been seen since, although countless theories have sprung up as […]

The Hanged Man: Roberto Calvi

The Mafia, the Vatican and a secret Masonic society have all been implicated in the murder of ‘God’s Banker’ Roberto Calvi. A passerby on his way to work spotted the 62 year-old financier hanging from London’s Blackfriars Bridge at 7.30am on Friday 18 June, 1982. Calvi was suspended from scaffolding above the Thames, an orange rope tied in a […]