The Unnamed Victim

For the first time since the website launched in 2010 we have been unable to name a murder victim due to a court order designed to protect the 15 year-old boy accused of the crime.

This is a rare case (but not unique) and comes about because of the link between the victim and the accused.

The judge made an order under section 39 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933, which bans identification of anyone under 18 involved in the proceedings.

This type of order is often removed following conviction and it has been established via case law that it lapses when the defendant turns 18. Interestingly it is currently being argued at the High Court that these orders should last indefinitely, on the basis that young killers need “the space and protection to grow, to learn, and to put their past behind them.”

We will continue to follow the case of the 43 year-old unnamed victim nonetheless.

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