Year of the Ripper: William Walker

On the night of Saturday 30 June 1888, William Walker, a 24 year-old labourer, and Robert Hodges, a 37 year-old ‘hawker’ or street seller, had been having a drink together in the Cooper’s Arms at 16 Sun Street, Finsbury, just outside the City of London. Walker owed Hodges a shilling… You must be a paid […]

Cold War Assassination: The Umbrella Murder of Georgi Markov

Georgi Markov was poisoned on Waterloo Bridge in 1978 by an assassin who may have been working for the KGB. The 49-year-old Bulgarian writer and journalist had defected from his communist homeland in 1969 and had started a new life in London working for the BBC World Service. On 7 September 1978 he was waiting […]