Police have appealed for help tracing the following suspects in connection with murder investigations. Do you know where they are? Contact the police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Petras Zalynas

Petras Zalynas

Date of offence: November 2020
Location: The Crescent, Southall
Victim: Joanna Borucka, aged 41

Mirsad Brahimi

Mirsad Brahimi

Date of offence: 7 July 2019
Location: Lea Bridge Road, Leyton
Victim: Grineo Daka, aged 27

Ossama Hamed

Ossama Hamed

Date of offence: 1 January 2019
Location: 80 Park Lane, W1
Victim: Tudor Simionov, 33

Mohamed Abdulhi Abdi
Mohamed Abdi Mohammed
Mohammed Mohammed

Date of offence: 28 March 2017
Location: Featherstone Road, Southall
Victim: Augustus Fenton, aged 27.

Farouk Abdulhaq

Farouk Abdulhak

Date of offence: March 2008
Location: 222 Great Portland Street, W1
Victim: Martine Martine Vik Magnussen, aged 23.

Suspect believed to be in Yemen.

Sukdip Singh Cchina

Sukhdip Singh Chhina

Date of offence: 21 September 2005
Location: Holmhurst Road, Belvedere, Bexley
Victim: Falwinder Singh Badesha, aged 27
Suspect may be in India

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