A Sister’s Plea for Help

The sister of a father-of-five who was murdered three years ago blames The Sun newspaper for the failure to catch his killers. In December 2011, Sarah-Jane Cunningham spent the third anniversary of her brother’s death handing out police appeal notices. She was prepared for indifference. But she was genuinely shocked when some members of the […]

Gallery of Unsolved Murders 2011

This gallery displays 14 murder victims from the year 2011 whose cases remain unsolved. Can you help? Notes: This gallery does not include the cases of Wlodzimierz Szymanski and Aaron McQueen-Williams. Mr Szymanski, 59, was found dead with a broken neck at a house in Chandos Road, Willesden, on March 18, 2011. A woman was […]

Unsolved / Undetected Homicides

The Metropolitan Police have issued a list of 290 ‘undetected homicides’ going back to January 1999, following a Freedom of Information request. When people talk of unsolved murders we tend to think of classic fictional mysteries or the crimes of fiendish killers like ‘Jack the Ripper’. Deep down, of course, we realise that cases go […]