Review 2011: Defendants and the Courts

For 2011 we decided to look not just at the victims of homicide in London but also the defendants who have been arrested, charged and put on trial. The year has seen several major convictions: the suspected serial killer John Sweeney was given a whole life sentence for two murders, seven teenagers were jailed for […]

Off the Map: The case of James Smith

On the morning of December 4, 2010, the body of 28 year-old James Smith was found at an electricity substation near Penge West railway station in south London. The postmortem revealed he had been electrocuted. A murder investigation was launched by the British Transport Police and the incident was added to the murder map. James […]

Off the Map: The death of Charles Bunyasi

The recent death of Charles Bunyasi began as a murder investigation but will now ‘drop off the map’. Why? Because it no longer counts as a homicide. Mr Bunyasi (right) was run over by his own van after it was stolen by a thief. The exact circumstances are unclear but detectives have charged the suspect […]