Trapped in a cannabis factory: The life and death of Ermal Qose

A 35-year-old Albanian illegal immigrant died after a fire broke out in a garage being used to grow cannabis plants. Police initially investigated the case as a homicide because of concerns he was forced to live there against his own will. But while the evidence suggests that was not the case, some mysteries still remain. Why was the garage locked from the outside? And what happened to the key?

‘I am not getting an answer’: The death of Dami Odeyingbo

Experts decided a teenage student died of natural causes rather than as a result of any assault – but his family say there are unanswered questions. Oluwadamilola ‘Dami’ Odeyingbo was 18 when he collapsed in a garden in Chislehurst on 9 January 2018. Police were called to the scene in… You must be a paid …