Homicide Victims in London in 2020

Total: 123 (last updated 15/01/21) See also: Murder map for London homicide victims in 2020 Takieddine BouhaneWilliam AlgarKrasimir KartikovHarinder KumarNarinder LubhayaMalkit Singh DhillonCzeslaw SwiatkowskiMarc AllenEraj SeifiJames DowdellLennox AlecendorLouis JohnsonTyler RoyeLi Qing WangAsante CampbellShanur AhmedDamani MaugeDavid SiirakRicardo FullerArchie BestonAbdullahi MahmoudShadika PatelKelly StewartStefan MelnykTomas MacionisSonia Calvi and Edgar DazaDenise Keane-Barnett-SimmonsRalph GibsonBaljit SinghJay…

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