Homicide Victims in London in 2019

Total: 150 (last updated 19/2/21) See also: Map of homicides in London in 2019 Abdirashid MohamoudAntoinette DonneganAsma BegumBright AkinleyeCarl ThorpeCharlotte HugginsChe MorrisonDennis AndersonGlendon SpenceJaden MoodieJodie ChesneyKamali Gabbidon-LynckKamil MalyszLaureline Garcia-BertauxLejean RicharsRamane WigganRavi KarthakamarTudor SimionovZahir VisiterNedim BilginDavid MartinezCalvin BungisaGavin GarrawayNoore Bashir SaladSteven BrownJoshua WhiteMihrican MustafaTashaun AirdHenriett SzucsMcCauley Urugbezi-EdwardsConstantin SinBarrington DavisIderval Da SilvaIsmaila…

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7 replies on “Homicide Victims in London in 2019”

  1. I’m absolutely sure Mr Khan is proud of these figures if he wasn’t wouldn’t he have done something about them! But his excuse is “it happens in cities” but not on Bojo’s watch. Mr Khan is to busy meddling in politics!

  2. Really low number for 9 million pop.
    Imagine if kids stopped stabbing kids how low it would end up.
    However, so much safer nowadays compared to the 80s/90s.

  3. The website used to have more detailed information regarding each case. And it was more interactive (so easier to navigate). I appreciate the site was partially taken down, but is there a new design or was that functionality lost in the ‘take down’?

  4. Sadly the functionality was lost when the old map was taken down but we are hoping, with sufficient funding, to replace the old map in some way. Please email us at mailbox@murdermap.co.uk to let us know what kind of detail you would like to be included in future updates.

  5. The way the media report these cases make you think every murder in London is to do with gangs. But from this list you see that while gang-related incidences have made up a significant chunk of London’s homicides this year, it appears an equal amount appear are domestic killings often involving men murdering their partners (or in some cases vice versa). This should be given more coverage by the likes of the Evening Standard.

  6. For 149 murders, 42 murders are related with gangs for 9 million pop in terms of percentage 28% only this is nothing really

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