Homicides ‘to fall below 100’

The BBC reported recently that the yearly number of homicides* in London is expected to fall below 100 for the first time since the 1960s.

According to the Metropolitan Police, by 22 December there had been 93 victims of homicide in 2014. (UPDATE: The final figure for the year was 95).

From our own figures we are only aware of 82 confirmed homicide cases. When we say confirmed, we mean confirmed by the police through a statement or by the courts if a suspect is charged with murder or manslaughter.

This figure of 82 however does not include cases that the Metropolitan Police describe as unexplained or suspicious deaths (Tommy Main, Lee Buckley, Adam Hird and Georgina Drinkwater, plus an unnamed 33 year-old man in Soho).

It also does not include the investigation into the deaths of two babies at a London hospital.

Our experience is that a number of extra cases emerge over time as the police investigations are concluded and charges. For example, at the end of 2013 we had only identified 101 cases whereas the figure now stands at 108 (compared to 100 in 2012).

The Metropolitan Police use a slightly different system and gave the BBC the following count:

  • 2013 – 101
  • 2012 – 102
  • 2011 – 116
  • 2010 – 114
  • 2009 – 128
  • 2008 – 147
  • 2007 – 155

We will of course be looking at the 2014 homicide cases in more depth next month in our annual review.

*We use the word homicide here because it includes offences of murder and manslaughter. Although this website is called ‘murdermap’ we cover both murder and manslaughter (one reason being that suspected murders often end up as manslaughter for a variety of reasons).

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