Review of 2014

The Metropolitan Police official homicide list gives a total of 92 homicides for 2014.

This figure, which includes murders, manslaughters, corporate manslaughters and infanticides, is a 15 per cent decrease on the previous year, 2013, with 109.

We have added 85 cases to the website for 2014 and are awaiting further updates on several others which have not been confirmed publicly as homicides (rather than suspicious or unexplained deaths).

This post and the graphics shown below will be updated as more information arrives. Updates will be listed at the end.

Looking at the confirmed cases for 2014 and comparing them to previous years, we can see that the number of shootings has reached a new low, while fatal knife attacks have increased.

The number of female victims also decreased to 22 (from 39 of 108 in 2013).

The number of teenage victims remains relatively low at eleven, compared to 12 in 2013.

Now here is the spread of victim ages for each year from 2011 to 2014. This shows that while most victims are aged between 21 and 30, the number of victims in this age range has almost halved during this period.

NOTE: This post was updated on 1 February 2015 to include the manslaughter of Tommy Main (previously classed as unexplained death) and on 14 February to include the manslaughter of William Boots (following the charging of the suspect). In May 2015 the manslaughter of Adam Hird was added after suspects were charged.

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