Unsolved Murders in London 2015

These eleven cases of murder in London in 2015 remain unsolved*. Can you help?

The unsolved murder victims in the above slideshow are (click link to open case summary):

Lukey Maxwell, 22, Clheve Massi, 24, Redwan El-Ghaidouni, 38, Terry Isaacs, 56, Ola Raji, 20, Erdogan Guzel, 42, Marvin Couson, 39, Sebastiano Magnanini, 46, Tadas Jarusevicius, 29, Josh Hanson, 21, Nassem Galleze, 17.

*Unsolved as in no suspects are awaiting trial for murder or manslaughter or have been convicted.

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  1. If I was a investigator, I’d look into charities popping up where people loosely come and go , see if there is any connections like they used to attend, say for example a Choir . I just noticed in London they are the sort of places to have ex homeless and if someone was a Psychopathic type who wanted to know victims they would probably attend places like that , basically I am saying this because some people give me the creeps, it maybe just a feeling off the back of trying magic mushrooms over summer, (people call it flash back’s) but I wouldn’t forgive myself if my instincts were onto anything.

  2. Laura – I think that it is extremely unlikely that these people were stalked/ targeted by a ‘psychopath’. Most of them probably knew the killer/s, and most of the murders were probably spontaneous. Lots of people are creepy. Very few are killers.

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